Port Unveils New Logo, Marketing Brand

Port of New Orleans Logo Horizontal

The Board of Commissioners of the Port of New Orleans unveiled a new modern, streamlined logo today to kick-off the 6th annual Critical Commodities Conference.

The rebranding effort represents the culmination of work of an internal committee consisting of staff from a variety of Port departments and two members representing the Board of Commissioners. Port officials advertised nationally for a design firm and ultimately selected Edelman – the world’s largest public relations firm – to design the new brand.

“We wanted to have a strong, contemporary icon that would distinguish the Port of New Orleans nationally and internationally,” said Gary LaGrange, Port President and CEO. “We decided on the fleur de lis because it is an asset most cities do not have. It’s an iconic image that immediately represents the city locally and abroad.”

The Port NOLA branding is widely used and accepted by the shipping industry in bills of lading for cargo, LaGrange added.

The Port’s former logo was designed in the mid-1990s and was limited in its use in a variety of media forms, especially digital and social media, said Robert Landry, the Port’s Chief Commercial Officer. “The Port of New Orleans is modern and prepared for the future, and this new logo reflects that,” Landry said. “We decided to continue use of the color blue, but added green to represent the landside and waterborne nature of our industry and the greener, more environmentally friendly direction of the Port and the industry as a whole. The streamlined swoosh represents the Mississippi River’s prominence as a gateway to world markets.”

Board Chairman Daniel Packer said the new logo reflects the investments made by the Port to modernize its terminals and create new efficiencies within operations.

“The Port has evolved radically in the last decade – from the way we operate to the terminals we lease,” Packer said. “We needed something to better embody our current operations and our plans for the future.”

Carolyn Mayo, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Edelman, lauded the new logo, as well.

“Edelman was honored to work with the Port of New Orleans as it positions itself for the future,” Mayo said. “It was important to put forward a fresh clean and contemporary brand, while celebrating the City of New Orleans. The iconic fleur de lis, along with the new moniker of Port NOLA, provides that connection while saluting the land and sea aspects of one of the busiest port operations in North America. We look forward to seeing the new brand take its place in helping drive both cargo and cruise traffic to and through Port NOLA.”

Edelman operates 67 offices worldwide and employs more than 4,800 employees