UNO and Port of New Orleans Announce Port Sustainability Project

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The University of New Orleans and the Port of New Orleans announced a 5-year agreement aimed at assessing the Port’s activities in order to achieve greater sustainability. UNO researchers will prioritize environmental measures and develop strategies to minimize energy consumption as well as reduce waste and pollutants. UNO’s Maritime Environmental Resources and Information Center is already engaged in a number of maritime environmental management projects that are designed to promote sustainability and green business practices. These projects focus on the use of cleaner materials, cleaner production processes, multimedia waste reduction, energy optimization and the use of Web-based and knowledge-based systems to achieve sustainability goals. “UNO has years of experience with the maritime industry, particularly in shipbuilding, ship repair and ship recycling,” said Bhaskar Kura, professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of the Maritime Environmental Resources and Information Center. “We will draw on our past research and collaborations within the global maritime community to help the Port of New Orleans improve productivity while reducing its burden on the environment.” Here is how UNO will accomplish the project’s goals:

 Survey the Port of New Orleans facilities and operations to understand and assess important operations, energy use and waste generation.

 Develop critical indicators that will reveal historical changes in energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation.

 Survey the top 10-15 ports in the world to determine benchmarks for water consumption, energy consumption, air pollution generation and wastewater generation.

 Develop strategies and tools for the Port of New Orleans to acquire both shortterm and long-term benefits using the knowledge gained from the research.

UNO researchers will provide the Port of New Orleans with yearly reports, which will track critical sustainability indicators for the Port.